Welcome to the home of Universe Image Creator, your key to creating your own Universe.

You can create REALISTIC images of space in just minutes. Create Nebula, Gas Clouds, Stars, Galaxies, Planets, and More....

Example of Supernova

We have two different versions of Universe Image Creator (UIC):

  • UIC Stand Alone v1.63
    This version is great for the beginner or for those who do not.

  • UIC Plugins Planet Edition
    This is our latest release of our UIC Plugins. It features an extensive planet filter.

  • UIC Plugins 2nd Edition BETA
    This release will replace the UIC Plugins Planetary Edition. It features transparent backgrounds. It is a sound BETA product and is also available to our UIC Plugins customers.


Sampler of Effects of UIC
Sampler of Effects:
planets, star field, nebula, distant star

Galaxy Expanding
Galaxy Expanding



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